Camera control

The program lets you control web-cameras connected to the computer, as well as Canon EOS SLR cameras. You can change the camera settings directly from the program and turn on the LiveView mode to view images on the computer screen from the camera’s viewfinder in real time.

Layer mode

To make your animation smooth, without breaks, the program has a feature for layering the current image (the image from the camera in LiveView mode) over several previous shots and a net. Therefore, you can always tell how much the object you were filming shifted in previous shots and how much it should shift in this shot.

Film with a timer

Use “Film with a timer” for periodic filming of moving objects and events.

You can film the movement of stars on the night sky, the street during the day or at night, the process of dew appearing on the grass, the motion of clouds on the sky and much more.

Just set the film duration and period in the program, and the program will do everything else for you.

Motion sensor

An additional filming mode – assessing motion in the shot.

After filming a shot, the program waits for motion to appear in the shot and then waits for the motion to stop. Then the program films another shot.

This lets us move objects in front of the camera and then let the filming take place in automatic mode after we stop moving those objects (or take our hand away from the shot). This is very easy and significantly helps when filming animation because there is no need to even press the Shoot button.

Video formats

The program lets you view the video you filmed and save it in a file in avi or mov (MotionJPEG) formats.

Both standard and wide-screen video modes are available. After saving the video file, it can be posted on YouTube and shared with friends.

More features

ĚWe are continuing to develop the program. New versions will have many more features. ColorBox Animation Creator automatically checks for upgrades and when a new version becomes available, it will offer to download and install the new version.